Monday, October 21, 2013

Email to a Professor

I was writing an email to my professor with a summary of what I've been up to the past month and it ended up being just a little long... I thought it was about blog-post length and a small snippet of what I've been up to at Riot so thought I might share!

Hey Professor! 

Things are going well, I've got a lot of updates so sorry in advance for the long-winded email!

Right after last quarter ended and the beginning of the new quarter we shipped a new champion- Lucian, and the front-end team decided they needed someone to take on QA of login screens. I worked with the Motion GFX guys to get this out the door: here. The screen was challenging- it was twice as long and we were concerned how lower-spec computers might handle it. The login was extremely well-received, but now there was a small lull in work and at this time my team, Strike Force, split up to reallocate engineering resources. We had polished and hammered out all the bugs with Dragon/Baron timers so I was then immediately shipped over to the war room- to support Game UI with the  New Options Menu.

It was hard to switch gears initially, after working on game play features for three months I felt a little out of my element. I did about three weeks in the war room, before the lovely Baconhawk returned to take things over and I was sent back over to my old desk to start work for the Skins team.

When I initially applied to Riot it was for the Creative Design internship, so when Strike was disbanding I had asked to be moved to a more art-focused team. There was a lot of growing pain with the transfer,  I had to pick up a different set of tools and adapt to the art pipeline. After work I was volunteering at the eSports studio, I would get up at 9am for work and usually crawl back into bed somewhere around midnight. The move to Skins was the right one however, I am able to apply a lot more of my 3D art background to work!


It was only fitting that the day after Finals, I was at work showing my friends from Surrender @ 20 around when we discovered a pretty bad bug on Live. I've stuck around handling bugs before but this one was a good ten-hour Saturday. We ordered a cookie pizza which kind of made the whole thing worth it!

Again, sorry for the big huge narrative! Onto what I’m working on now… currently I’m slammed with work for our Harrowing skins: Sultan Gangplank, Officer Vi, Haunted Zyra and Victorious Elise


Annnnd that’s it! Sorry it was a long (and a little stale! L ) I’ll give you another big giant (or shorter and sweeter) update as the end of the quarter gets closer. Let me know if there’s anything else you’d need!


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